Widen Your Social Circle: New Word Repository Entries

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Here at Filling My Patch of Sky, words are like dear friends. And I’ve just discovered a few new ones within the pages of Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild—words that I had not encountered before (at least, not that I remember!).

Let me introduce you:

contumacious | adjective | 1583
stubbornly disobedient : rebellious
found on page 11: “Thompson, Samel, and Swanson, however, are contumacious Alaskans with special fondness for driving motor vehicles where motor vehicles aren’t really designed to be driven.”

opprobrium | noun | Latin, 1656
1: something that brings disgrace
2 a: public disgrace or ill fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious | 2 b: contempt, reproach

found on page 70: “The article about McCandless in Outside generated a large volume of mail, and not a few of the letters heaped opprobrium on McCandless . . .”

eremite | noun | Middle English,13th century
hermit; especially : a religious recluse
found on page 73: “Edward Hoagland observed that Alaska is ‘not the best site in the world for eremitic experiments or peace-love theatrics.'”

Now that you’ve been introduced, be sure to invite them out once in a while.

For more word-related discoveries, visit wordlily.

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