Woman Cannot Live on Cupcakes Alone (but I Could Give It a Go)

By July 15, 2014 faith One Comment

Day 6, Chapter 6

At least three times a day, I feed my body, either because my stomach growls at me or some tasty-looking thing practically growls at me to partake of it. I rarely miss a feeding.

I wish I tended to my soul that regularly! My soul growls for the Bread of Life—for Jesus—but sometimes I mistake those hunger pangs for other things, like wanting a cupcake or a coffee. Sometimes I think the emptiness is because I need some new clothes or another book or an adventure or a new house.

Sadly, I’m really good at feeding my stomach, my mind, and my exterior life, and too often, I forget to feed my soul. I love this song by Christa Wells, aptly titled, “Feed Your Soul”—take a listen:

Christa sings: “You’ve gotta cultivate the taste / For the rich and true / For the goodness you / Have always craved.” I’ve fed my soul all sorts of food that isn’t Jesus, which deadens my taste for the rich and true. The way out is to cultivate my palate for the Bread that truly satisfies. Today, I’ve asked God to forgive me for filling up on junk calories when He has given me the Bread of Life. And I’m asking God to help me learn to identify my soul hunger so I can run to Jesus for the food my soul needs.

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If you missed Days 1–6, no worries! Start with us tomorrow for Day 7, Chapter 7. All are welcome!

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