Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

By January 5, 2009 language No Comments

If ever I am in need of superpower, it’s to train my old brain in new tricks. January marks another Mega Memory Month (MMM) challenge, hosted by Ann Kroeker, and if I am to accomplish this month’s goals, I need a superhuman boost!

During the inaugural MMM back in October, I attempted to memorize two portions of Scripture (John 15 and James 1). Thirty-one days just weren’t enough for me to complete my goals. I was disappointed that I didn’t complete these in full—I grasped about half of each chapter though.

So I’m back for more this round! I’m tackling John 15:18-27 (to finish out that chapter), and I also plan to learn the map of the United States. (I admit it, I really don’t know which states are which . . . this will be a post for another day, so stop in again later this week for my confession.)

October’s MMM also provided some interesting insights . . .

The first thing I discovered was that my 36-year-old brain is now sludge with the memory capacity of a grain of rice. Good to know. That explains the difficulty I have sometimes in remembering why I leave one room for another.

The second thing I discovered was that my body can run farther if I force my brain to concentrate on lists or songs or Scripture. Something about repeating the verses keeps me preoccupied long enough to make it through my jaunts.

The third thing I discovered was a resting confidence in my heart knowing for certain where to find assurance of God’s great promises. John 15 records the Lord’s promise that He has chosen me; that He cleanses me, loves me, listens to me, calls me friend, and more. Often since October, my heart has been steadied by these precious truths.

Of all that I learned during the first MMM, the most important is that without the Spirit’s power working in me, these words will never be etched onto my heart, nor will they provide life to me. I am in desperate need of the Helper!

Although the analogy is rather crude, I thought of this partnership as a bit like that of the Wonder Twins, those characters featured on The All-New Super Friends Hour. To trigger their powers, they would touch knuckles and say, “Wonder Twin powers, activate!”

As I bow before the Lord each day during this MMM, I am asking God to activate His power in me. I come to the partnership empty and poor, for I have nothing to offer. I cannot flip a switch to clear my brain or learn these words by shear willpower. But the Lord has all the power that’s needed.

So I will stretch out these hands and offer God what I have: a weakened frame longing for the strength the Eternal Word provides.

If you are looking for some power activated in your life, why don’t you join this month’s MMM? Then stretch out your hands and see what wonders are displayed.

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