Words with Friends Has Hijacked My Sacred Space

By December 8, 2011 culture No Comments

Before I got an iPhone this past spring, I rarely used a mobile phone. This is mostly because I would forget to keep it charged.

But then I got an iPhone.

Keeping it charged is now a priority, a task I rarely forget. I use my phone daily, not only for calls, but also for e-mail, GPS routing, games, and social media. Spare moments are now opportunities to play Words with Friends or to see what clever updates my friends are posting on Facebook.

All this convenience comes at a cost, however. Without as those pockets of spare time, my mind isn’t nearly as settled as it used to be.

Our minds need that margin to process properly. Scott Belsky calls this our “sacred space” in an article titled “What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space”.

I wrote about the importance of sacred space for the creative mind in my Mixed Signals column this week over at Christ and Pop Culture. Click over to read more at Mixed Signals: Your Best Work Now!


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