Writeapalooza 2008: Vote for Your Favorite Post

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Welcome to Writeapalooza 2008! It’s a recap of my favorite posts from the past year, suggested and introduced by Janie at Write Anything.

It’s a curious thing to review your work and select the ones you liked best . . . seems like an exercise in self-promotion. Shouldn’t the readers decide which posts were best?

Perhaps this could be an interactive exercise—I’ve selected a few posts that were dearest to my heart, and you, dear readers, can vote for the post you preferred most. (That sounds a bit Dr. Seuss-y, huh?) Poll participation is anonymous (and quick and painless!) but your comments are always welcome here.

I’ve placed my favorites into the categories mentioned in my blog’s tagline: musings on faith, language, and culture. These writings give a good snapshot of what runs through this brain of mine.

Hope you’ll pull up a chair and stay a bit. [And then vote!] Enjoy!


Separating the Treasure from the Trash
My lament on how easily faith is suffocated by things.

The Best Reason to Get Gussied Up
An encouragement to put aside those ratty sweats.

Mold of the Heart
My crusade against dark, dank things lurking in the depths of the soul.

Stuffed with Rocks
A sad commentary on my ability to make a feast out of stones.

Join a Spiritual Revolution! and Revolution of a Different Sort
A two-part article reviewing the True Woman conference and its impact on me.


Purist or Revolutionist? Who Knew Spelling Could Be a Battleground?!
A lament on the world’s disinterest for the care of language.

Whoa, Nessie! Check Her Date Stamp—I Think She’s Expired
A brief rant on how good marketing goes bad.

Idols, Idols Everywhere
A call to language lovers to keep their love in-check.


Living on the Edge (Sort Of)
A humorous account of living dangerously.

Transformation of the Heart: A Commentary Based on Putin’s Russia and So Grateful for Freedom: Thoughts on Putin’s Russia
Posts inspired by a controversial book that sent shockwaves across Russia.

Oops! Your Circus Tent Is Loose (Part 1 and Part 2)
Posts from a series analyzing how marketing messages shape our definition of self.

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