writers’ block: Taming a Scattered Brain

By September 30, 2008 language No Comments

writers’ bloc features topics related to the writing craft and the writing life.

Today’s writing progress has been full of fits and starts. (Including lots of deleting and staring out the window.)

I don’t necessarily have writer’s block . . . it’s more like Writer’s ADD (not to belittle those who have the disorder).

What do you do when you long to write but it comes out all disjointed and jumbled?

Do you keep at the task? Do you pack it up for the day? I’m curious how writers approach this.

I’ve heard experts advise you to work through it, dig on, press on. That’s not happening today . . . I’m going to drink my hot vanilla tea and move on to some freelance work that came in. Perhaps tomorrow my brain will not be so unruly.

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