Writing from the Pantry

By August 30, 2010 faith, language No Comments

Some people can take a bunch of random ingredients from the pantry and create a delicious meal. I am not one of those people. When I watch the cooking competition show Chopped, in which chefs are given obscure (and sometimes rather icky) ingredients with which to make a gourmet dish, I see pure genius.

Today’s offering for the On, In, and Around Mondays creative writing exercise is sort of like Chopped. I took a smattering of ingredients from where I was sitting in my writer’s kitchen, mixed them together, and created, well, this. I’m not claiming genius—a fun snack, perhaps? And as in previous weeks, prepositions are the star ingredient, cloaked in blue.

Where are you writing from this week? L. L. Barkat invites you to tell all about it in the post series On, In, and Around Mondays. She calls us to “write from where you are, telling what is on, in, around (over, under, near, by, . . .) you.” Check out other posts from this week’s participants.


Sitting on my , watching words flutter about
my gently catches them inside
like a net full of sparkling butterflies
here sentences flap their wings and prepare to fly.

Around me this respite throbs with life
even as I do after a morning jaunt
now cooling off in my of many colors
as the above drift along.

I gaze to the patio and see near
late-season  squeeze a last drop of summer
The deck then eats a favorite , falling between the slats
down, down, down it goes to its final resting place.

Here, time can stand still and I with it
even as the clock ticks on and
the slate  sticks just over 90 degrees
frozen by last summer’s scorching sun.

Distant murmuring of neighbors and noisy crows
tell me I am not alone
no, for I see across the yard, behind the ivy
a once uninvited waves a good morning.

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